Technical Assistance

Student Energy Specialists
These volunteers will help you register and enter data into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to get your building scored.

Lunchtime Seminar-Clinic Series Provided by SC-B Consulting
This series of interactive seminar-clinics is intended for people who are responsible for developing and implementing energy savings plans in their organizations. Participants will learn about fundamental strategic approaches to identifying opportunities and implementing solutions, so that their organizations can begin to realize the benefits of energy efficiency improvements. The series does not dwell on the details of technology. We assume that participants will rely on third party experts at some point in the process, and these sessions can help empower you in your relationships with third party service and equipment providers.  Details…

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Guidance
Quick Guide
Energy Star Portfolio 101
Energy Star Portfolio 201
Apply for ENERGY STAR Certification

Illinois Green Business Association (IGBA)
Green business certification, efficient equipment assessments and installation in conjunction with utility companies, and education.

Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy
Energy efficiency feasibility study.
ActOnEnergy/IGBA Small Business Program

Help!  I don’t know where to begin!
Scott R. Tess, City of Urbana